Creativity in Advertising


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    Creativity in Advertising

    Post by MicaelaMeertens on Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:35 am

    Advertising planning ultimately boils down to creative strategy and its execution. The advertising message is a response by a agency to advertising goals or campaign goals. The budget is a constraint over every creative process. The germination of the advertising message takes place from the purchase proposition. The ultimate success of the message is measured in terms of its reception by the target audience. It depends on the product offering and its relevance to the prospect’s requirements and mental disposition.

    Purchase proposition is a creative starategy being adopted by the marketers of these days. It looks a product from the angle of a buyer. Through the process it not only to convey brand knowledge to the entire focused community but also aim’s at providing brand identity too. It has become a very essential tactic these days as the world is stepping up at each and every moment and there by the people belonging to it too. The convenience of the people is the first thing that is to be given prior importance.

    Even though magazines pertaining to different fields are available in market, it’s the time factor that limits the number of its subscribers. The information’s all that is provided by such books are of real worth. So the publishers have stepped into new strategy to gain a new as well to create a wide market. It’s the result of such strategy, now we are able to access magazines as well as newspapers kind of print media through internet facility. Such a trial has given a surprising response to all the people behind the creativity. As the market began to grow, magazine looking for models started to have new target customers and there by the models for whom they are looking for.

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